Project Management

C.W. Electrical Ltd’s ethos is the complete satisfaction and on time delivery of Project to the Client and Design Team.
We study to fully comprehend the design brief prior to site set up. We submit for clarification all queries deemed necessary to bring to the project to a successful conclusion. C.W. Electrical Ltd is committed to Client satisfaction and we make it a priority to keep continuous liaison with the Client.

The programme and control procedure is the aspect of our work which lays the foundation on which the integrity of the Project is based.

The following are undertaken:

  • Determine staff required for particular Project
  • Determine equipment required
  • Site Meetings with the Design Team and Client
  • Study on-going Progress with the Design Team and Client
  • Resolve queries prior to the implementation stage
  • Refer to the design brief at all times
  • Follow planned schedule of works for Project in conjunction with the Design Team and Client

The Project Manager and Site Supervisor both attend Site Meetings. All information is communicated to all site staff so that they are fully informed of the required implementation process for the particular Project.

With each Project, C.W. Electrical Ltd. implements its on site Project Implementation Manual. There are two copies of the Project Implementation Manual circulated-one for Site and one for the Office. The Manual contains the following information:

  • Design Brief Schedule - Specification of Works
  • Daily Site Project Sheets
  • Construction Drawings
  • Project Variation Booklet

A copy of the Project Implementation Manual is also kept in the Office. This is kept updated with all information relating to the Project including tender documents, updated accounts, detailed variations and construction drawings.

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