Health & Safety Policy

C.W. Electrical Ltd is involved in the site installation of electrical appliances for all industry. For the purpose of the safety manual the company's overall work procedures will be broken down into two sections:

1. Office.

2. Site Installation.
The Company Safety statement is based on a hazard identification and risk assessment of all work areas, in which the employees of the company operate. The Company Safety Manual will also include the relevant safety policy's for each section under the following legislation:

  • The Factory’s Act 1955
  • Fire Services Act 1981
  • Health, Safety And Welfare at Work Act 1989
  • General Application Regulation 1993
  • Construction Regulations 1995
  • General Applications Regulations 2001
  • Constructions Regulations 2001
  • General Application Regulation 2003
  • Construction Regulations 2003

Where responsibilities are to be allocated for health and safety under the above legislation, this will be covered in the safety manual, under work title, rather than the name of the specific person. A separate sheet indicating the Title. Name and Area of Responsibility for Safety will be issued to all employees in the different work sections, this sheet will be up-dated as required.
All safety training needs and requirements identified will be included in the company-training programme. Where safety training is identified as urgent all necessary arrangements will be put in place to facilitate this training.

All personal protective safety equipment purchased by the Company will meet, at least the minimum requirements stated by the legislation although the Company will strive in every case to ensure that the maximum protection is afforded to our employees where it is reasonably practicable.

Safe systems of work will be installed and written safety procedures will be put in place for all work activities, which are highlighted under the hazard identification and risk assessment procedure as having the potential to cause injury to a member of Company workforce, other site employees or members of the general public.

All members of the Company workforce will be issued with a copy of the Company Safety Procedures Manual relevant to their section(s) of work. The safety procedures manual will be issued to all new employees at their safety induction course.

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