Cost Control Systems

C.W. Electrical Ltd implements the following cost control measures so that the Client's Budget is always maintained to deliver a successful Project conclusion. We have achieved this on a number of Projects with complimentary correspondence to this end.

The following cost control systems are implemented:

  • Scheduling all materials as per Project specification, design specification and construction drawings
  • Detailing in segment from materials per specialised supplier
  • Issuing cost request sheets to suppliers
  • Examining all returned cost requests.
  • Purchase Orders are issued detailing materials, agreed costs and delivery times and dates to comply with Project requirement and Budget
  • Purchase Orders and delivery dockets are attached to received invoice, checking all costs are correct as per order.
  • The Project Manager checks and passes invoices for payment. Queries are passed onto accounts Staff.
  • A full account for the Project is kept up dated in the Site Project Implementation File. This account is submitted on an on going basis to the Design Team for cost control.
  • Weekly Accounts Meetings are held in the Office to update the manual, examine budgets and labour costs and to make sure Projects are keeping within budget.


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